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Analysis on the role of electric forklift

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Analysis on the role of electric forkliftThe electric forklift is substantially the same as the internal combustion truck, so the operation method is also substantially the same. However, due to the model, the difference is the characteristics of itself. When operating, the operation amplitude and force of the agencies are heavy, and it is necessary to repeatedly operate, and they can achieve skilled, accurate, secure driving and operation safety. Since the travel speed and commutation of the electric forklift is achieved by changing the current size of the driving motor, the electric forklift does not have a transmission and a clutch, directly control the speed of the speed, and change the travel direction of the forklift with a commutation switch. Advance or reversing). As long as the drive motor is rotated, the electric forklift starts, and the speed is adjusted by adjusting the pedal control, the brake, and the parking brakes are mounted to reduce the parking.
First, preparation before driving
Electric forklifts must be technically examined before driving and homework:
1. Check the height and density of the battery electrolyte liquid level. The liquid surface should be higher than the partition 10-15mm, the density should comply with the region, the season requires that the single voltage must not be less than 1.75V, the full car voltage must not be lower than the minimum limit voltage (eg 0.4T and 0.5T electric forking 20V The 2T electric tractor is 35V), otherwise the electrolyte or charging should be supplemented, and each electrode joint should be cleaned and fastened.
2, check the power line. Each of the wire connections should be tightened, good contact, and the fuse should be intact, each switch and handle should be in the stop position.
3, check if the instrument, light, speaker, etc. are normal (closed at the emergency switch, open the electric lock).
4, check the steering mechanism, should be flexible and light.
5. Check the brake device, it should be flexible and reliable.
6. Check if each bearings and related operations are well lubricated, and the movements are flexible.
7. Check whether the walking portion and the hydraulic system work are normal, especially the hydraulic components such as pipelines, joints, hydraulic cylinders, dispensing valves, and other hydraulic components.
8, check the fork and bench. According to the size of the unloading, select a good fork and adjust the distance on the fork; select the barrier of the compression device, etc., and adjust it according to the highness of the goods.
9. Check fork, compressing mechanism, transverse mechanism, lifting chain, door frame, etc., should work well, use reliability.
10. Check if the traction hook is connected to the connection to determine the number of trailers when the forklift traces the trailer.
11. Check if the forklift has faults, season with hidden dangers, without a fault.
Second, pay attention to starting and driving
1. Before starting, the driver should first observe and clean up the site, passage, so that it is suitable for the forklift operation.
2, when starting, should first close the emergency switch, turn on the electric lock, then pull the direction switch position, whistle, and then start and gradually accelerate, prohibit quickly step down the speed pedal start, to prevent the starting current from being too large Bad motor.
3. When driving, it should be gradually accelerated, and it is not allowed to travel for a long time.
4. The direction of the direction is strictly prohibited, and only the direction switch is switched. It should be avoided as much as possible, in case of emergency, it should quickly pull down the knife switch, step down on the brake pedal, and stop.
5, start, turn, turn, downhill, pavement or through narrow channels, pay attention to safety.
6. When driving on the road, go to the right side, the fork car should be left around 100-200mm, the door frame is in the back position. When the two cars are traveling together, there should be 2m or more distances before and after.
7, the car, let the car, let the heavy bus.
8. When the forklift traces the trailer, the continuous curve is prohibited to avoid high current discharge. No matter whether it is empty, full load, uphill, downhill, etc., it is strictly forbidden to drive. When turning, it should be slower to avoid the spending of the goods, while paying attention to the inner wheel difference to prevent the trailer from scraping the inner or traveling out of the road.
9. Forbidden trucks from manned and trailers.
10. Under normal circumstances, the electric forklift motor and oil pump motor prohibits simultaneous operation to extend the battery life of the battery.
11. When the operating voltage is lower than the lowest limit voltage of the car, the work should be stopped and charge it in time.
12. If there is an abnormal phenomenon in the driving, it should be closed immediately, and the fault is taking timely, which is strictly prohibited.
Third, the work after stopping
1. After the forklift is used, clean the whole car and choose the appropriate location to park, pay attention to antifreeze, sunscreen, and rain.
2 Brake rod.
3, clean, check the battery. Replenish distilled water, check and adjust electrolyte density; check the battery voltage, when the battery voltage is less than the lowest limit voltage, it should be charged immediately.
4, check the hydraulic system of tubing, joint, hydraulic cylinder, distribution valve, fuel tank, etc. have leakage phenomenon.

5, exclude other faults, keep the forklift in intact

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