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Auto battery maintenance

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Auto battery maintenanceCar owners need to develop good habits

The reporter visited, forgot to check the light of the car during the parking, this is a mistake of many new owners. Mr. Chen, the new owner, told reporters.“Time for some time often forget the double flash and car electrical appliances in the car when parking. After the battery is consumed overnight, the electricity is insufficient to start the car. Can only ask your friends to come over.”Of course, some owners have already“careful”But the last passengers forgot to close the reading light in the car, etc. When the owner came back, he could not start because of the shortcomings.

During the visit, the reporter found that some car owners used habits. For example, the headlights still have to fog, and they will open a warning light. Some car owners love music will change the audio in the car. It is a relatively power consuming audio, bringing a very high load to the battery to reduce the battery life. According to estimates, a large light bulb is consumed 50 watts. The four fogworth points must consume 200 watts. The warning light bulb has a total of about 100 tiles, and the audio speakers are about 20 to 30 tiles, and there are 500 watts. Come note that the use is used, reducing the load of the battery can reduce the dilemma hung on the road.

Remember the air conditioner before turning off

Summer is hot, many car owners are used to do not turn off air conditioning or let air conditioning start automatically with the vehicle, which often causes the air conditioning system to start working automatically after each ignition switch of the vehicle, and the consequences are directly in an instant The power load is too high, long time, the battery is a loss.

Professionals in the repair shop told reporters that if the owner did not turn off the air conditioner, each time the vehicle is started, the battery will not only provide starter, but also drive the air conditioner compressor, and the double pressure will speed up the battery.“burden”. It is recommended that the owner will turn off the A / C button before reaching the destination, so that the cold wind blows for a few minutes to ensure the drying of the air conditioning system, reduce the breeding of bacteria, then turn off the air conditioning before traverse.

Do not start the vehicle frequently

For some“Senior age”The car, the owner may not immediately start the engine. Need patient start to succeed. The maintenance shop is recommended that the owner will not exceed 3 seconds while starting the engine. If the first startup failed, don’t rush to start repeatedly. From the working principle of the car, the continuous starting motor will definitely cause the battery to be over-discharge, so the time interval in the time of launch is more than 5 seconds.

Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the battery

Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the battery to extend the battery life of the battery. The aging of the battery can cause the voltage to be unstable and affect the vehicle start. If the vehicle is only parked for a few days, it cannot be started. It is very likely to be a battery aging signal. The owner should promptly check the battery.

The best state of the battery is the full power state when the flame is turned off. In addition to the launching motor, there is no excess power consumption outside the motor. After the start of the full power state, do not have a current to grow up, and the battery is aging, the battery is It can be used for a long time. 


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