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Automatic hydrating system structure of electric forkle battery

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Automatic hydrating system structure of electric forkle batteryThe electric forklift battery belongs to an open-opening hydrophant, which requires a traditional battery pack, which requires subsequent addition of distilled water because it relys in series with a 2V monomer tube battery, so it is more troublesome, more troublesome, add water There is an imbalance state, the automatic hydrating system of the forklift battery can solve this problem, connect the water outlet in the water tank, you can add a complete group traction battery.

1. Construction:

This water supply system is a device that automatically fill the electrolyte and water. When the liquid level reaches the rated height, it is automatically closed. The gas generated at the same time is discharged from the exhaust hole on the nixing plug.
2. Application: This water injection system is applied to the traction battery on the transport vehicle
3. Function:
There is a float on the injection plug, and the floating level is floated during the water, and the water is automatically closed when the liquid level reaches the rated level.
To accurately use the water injection system, please pay attention to the following:
3.1 Manual or automatic water injection:
Shortly after the battery is fully charged, the electrolyte in the battery is mixed with a uniform, in a steady state, and begins in water injection operation.
3.2 If you use manual injection, it is required to be injected once a week.
3.3 If automatic water injection is used, the charger automatically shuts down the water injection system in time after automatic water.
3.4 If the battery is multi-class work or work under a high temperature, it should appropriately shorten the interval of the water.
3.5 Wash Time:
The length of injection time depends on the size of the load during use and the temperature rise of the battery. In general, the entire water supply process takes 3 minutes. After adding water, manually put the water pipe and the battery.
3.6 Working pressure;
Water pressure between 0.2-0.6 bar. (At least 2m high) at least 2m at the bottom of the tip end to the bottom of the injection container)
3.7 Cleaning;
The injected distilled water must meet the requirements. The water storage container and the water pipe must be cleaned and keep it clean.
3.8 Rubber tubes on the battery:
The rubber tube on the battery is arranged in accordance with the rated electrode units, and unauthorized changes are not allowed.
3.9 Working temperature;
The lead-acid battery has a working limit temperature of 55 ¡ã C, which exceeds this temperature, the battery will be damaged, and the load of the water injection system is increased in a short time.
Notice! Battery with automatic water injection system, room temperature should be higher than 0 ¡ã C in winter, otherwise, the water supply system will not work properly because of ice.
3.10 Traffic Monitor:
To monitor the water injection process, there is a flow monitor in the water injection pipe. The injected water flows to rotate the built-in turbine. When filled with water, all buoy is floating, and the built-in turbine stops rotation, indicating the end of the water.
3.11 Automatic nipproof plug in up and down:

Only use of a supporting automatic nipple in the battery, otherwise it is possible to damage the battery.

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