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Automotive battery importance

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Automotive battery importanceIn the case of a good car battery, open the headlight, read lights, radio, and capacity 35AH battery work time is around 3 hours, while the capacity 45AH battery work time can be slightly longer, between 3 and 4 hours. The higher the volume of the radio or CD, the greater the power, so the battery is used, and this problem should be considered. In addition, the service life of the battery is generally 2 to 3 years, so the new and older of the battery also affect the length of the continuous supply time. If the user adds some original appliances, such as low cannon, etc., it will cause excessive use of the battery. He warned the owner, if the battery is old, working hours should not exceed 2 hours.

Maintenance battery must

Maintenance personnel said that in the maintenance of the car, the maintenance of the battery is also important. If a bad habit is developed, it will shorten the service life of the battery or cause damage. The general battery can be used for 2 to 3 years. But if you use unreasonable, 3 to 4 months may be replaced.

Nowadays, there are more and more electric equipment on the car, so when using these electric equipment, try not to make the battery overload. Taking electric windows and skylights as an example, the owner should complete its lifting and closure before the engine is turned off, because if the engine is turned off, it will stop power generation. At this time, the window will increase the load of the battery, which is easy to cause the battery. damage. The lanterns are the same. If you want to turn off, there is no special necessary, you should turn off the headlights, then turn off the fire. When you start the car at night, you should start the headlights before starting the headlights, minus damage to the battery.

If the battery is working in a state where the engine is stopped, it must prevent the battery loss, because if the loss is easy to cause damage to the battery. There is now a technique to repair the damaged battery, and the technique of pulse charging will now activate the battery electrolyte, and can continue to be used. But if the loss is serious, the battery will be scrapped in advance.

To be charged to the battery

So, how to determine the battery to charge, not allowing the battery to be in a loss. Maintenance personnel are really unable to judge. It is impossible to determine the working state of the battery if the brightness of the headlights or sound sound is, if the brightness of the light is dark, when the battery is in the storm, the car is definitely“paralysis”Unable to start. In order to ensure the normal work of the battery, don’t let the car“paralysis”The owner is best to start the engine to charge the battery once every half hour when the battery is used.

When the battery is consuming, what method should be used to start the car? Maintenance personnel recommend three ways: cart start, traction start and lap start. The first two ways are suitable for manual vehicle models. He said that the cart start is the most familiar and most effective emergency launch method, but this is a means of being used, because this is a certain damage to the engine and clutch. The method and principle of traction starting are similar to the trolley start. The lap start is to start the vehicle with a method of lapling another battery. 


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