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Automotive battery maintenance at least monthly electrolyte

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Automotive battery maintenance at least monthly electrolyteThe length of the life of the car battery is not only dependent on the structure and quality of the battery, but also closely related to the use and maintenance. Generally, the life of the automotive battery is about 2 years, if maintenance is proper, can reach 3-4 years. At present, there are still many misunderstandings on the maintenance of batteries, causing early damage to the battery, should cause us to pay attention.

Misunderstanding 1: When using the maintenance-maintainable battery, it is simply considered maintenance without any maintenance.

Misunderstanding 2: The outer surface of the battery pole pile junction column has a corrosive thing that does not need to be treated, as long as it is loose. The outer table has a corrosive, and the surface of the terminal will also occur, resulting in an increase in the resistance value, affecting normal charging and discharging of the battery, must be handled in time.

Misunderstanding: When the liquid is low, the electrolyte or add pure water, not the distilled water required. If the electrolytic solution of sulfuric acid is added, the concentration of the internal electrolyte in the battery increases, and there may be boiling, acid mist, etc., which seriously affects the battery life of the battery; uses drinking pure water to use the distilled water, contain a variety of trace quantities in pure water , Have a negative impact on the battery.

Misunderstand 4: The density of the electrolyte does not inspect and adjust, especially when winter comes, causing insufficient capacity of battery, and even causes electrolyte ironing.

Misunderstanding 5: When the battery is started in the winter, the starter is not intermittently used, causing the battery to be damaged due to excessive discharge.

In order to extend the battery life of the battery, avoid the occurrence of a fault such as anchor, we should pay attention to the following points in maintenance of the battery:

1. For the maintenance-free battery, you should also check the color of the electric eye. Green is sufficient for electricity; black is insufficient for electricity, it needs to be supplemented; gray or light yellow is insufficient for electrolyte, and the battery should be replaced immediately because the battery cannot be added.

2, the battery should be safely relying on the car to prevent the battery connection to the battery connection due to vibration, resulting in power supply interruption.

3. Keep the battery surface clean. If a solid oxide occurs on a pole column, it should be treated with hot water in time to remove, so as not to affect the conductivity between the pole column and the terminal. After cleaning up, wipe the battery surface clean, apply butter on the pole column and wiring columns to ensure that the column is not oxidized.

4. Check the height of the primary electrolyte at least monthly. For a battery without a marker line, the electrolyte is added to the high overduve plate 10-15mm; there are two red lines, the electrolyte cannot exceed the upper red line, otherwise the electrolyte may spill between the positive and negative electrode to form a self-discharge, The engine is not easy to start and shorten the battery life.

5. Adjust the concentration of the electrolyte according to the different regions and seasons. The concentration concentration concentration in the Northeast winter electrolyte is 1.28 g / ml.

6. Long-term cars should be launched every other month, the medium speed is run for 20 minutes, otherwise the time is too long, and the car will not be able to start when using the car.

7. Each time the train has a total length of no more than 5 seconds, and the startup time is not less than 15 seconds. In the case of multiple startups, it should be found in other aspects such as circuits, ignition coils or oils. After the troubleshooting is released, the engine will be activated, otherwise the battery will excessively discharge, affecting the service life.



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