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Automotive battery maintenance is very important

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Automotive battery maintenance is very importantSummer hot and rainy, car air conditioning is often overloaded, if the car often takes some water-related roads, causing the lower part of the air conditioner condenser contaminated many sediments, and the condenser will cause rust, thus shortening the service life of air conditioners. Enter autumn, air conditioning is best to use the car cycle system, which prevents autumn leaves from entering the air-conditioned air-conditioning, making air conditioning failure. It is best to replace the air conditioner filter in the car at the end of the summer, improve the comfort of the ride.

Make sure the front removal cream function is normal

In the autumn weather, there will be white frost when the temperature is low, pay special attention to whether the defrosting air outlet under the front windshield is normal, if there is a problem, if you need to be resolved in time, the windshield defrost exports once there is a problem. Many troubles and unsafe factors in winter driving.

Chassis rust and tire examination

The maintenance of autumn car chassis is heavy in rust and tire examination. On the one hand, the metal material of the chassis is prone to rust, affecting driving safety after exposure to rain and rain. The chassis must be processed in the chassis.

Battery maintenance is very important

After entering the fall, the electrode terminal of the automotive battery is the most prone to problems. Electrical state, while causing the battery to be scrapped, or can’t do it. 


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