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Avoid a method of unhappy welding without a forklift battery

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Avoid a method of unhappy welding without a forklift batteryWhen the forklift battery is used to use a certain period of time, it is necessary to frequently add water or the power consumption, the use time is short, and this time you need to consider whether the year needs to replace the whole group or repair the battery cell, usually within 2 years. The battery pack, if it is broken in one to five, consider replacing the monomer, requires accurate quantities of the size of the battery, the longest and most wide highest point, avoiding the high and low of the forklift battery purchased, and welding is not strong.
Once more than 2 years, the replacement monomer is not significant, the more battery sulfide, the capacity of the monomer and the old battery, and the charge and discharge cannot be balanced, avoiding the overall value increase, it is recommended to replace the whole group, the battery forklift relies on the battery Running, it is possible to consider the factors of the vehicle itself when the driver can’t be driven. For example, the free decline is too fast, it may be the pipe and joints with a roll of the valve hole or seal wear of the oil-leak B multi-channel valve. , Lifting tank piston support ring Y-type sealing ring wear, producing an intake, battery forklift line failure and brake part need to be excluded, details determine success or failure, repair this piece, need to pay attention, pay attention to the problem, pay attention to circuit power change Save more time, the reason for the factor of the electrical appliances has suddenly not moved back and retreat. There is no reflection, the forklift is a rush, the forward speed cannot be adjusted, etc., different fuel operation for the forklift, electric forklift during operation Wear is the smallest. This is due to a fact that there is a small electric engine work component, which requires regular lubrication to prevent wear from occurring. This means that you will encounter a low risk of electric forklift repair, because the machine is the most need to break. It is, but, it is still necessary to follow maintenance and maintenance to reduce the need for electric forklift maintenance, further explanation, in summary, is a relatively time consuming thing, do sufficient maintenance, avoiding later more forklifting components replace.  


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