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Avoid anchoring to strengthen care

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Avoid anchoring to strengthen careThe car is driving, is there a case where the battery is short-on-off and the half-way anchor is not allowed? Messenger feel bad! The vehicle can’t start, there is no smoke, we can only pray that God is careful. Automotive batteries are powered by all electric equipment on the vehicle. Small to a light bulb, large to the ignition coil, solenoid valve, various sensors, and control computers, all under the control of the battery. Battery“strike”Means you“Passenger string”The role of the engine, you have to push the car to go; if you are a person who meets the battery, you have to find someone to play a direction for you. It can be seen that the consequences of battery out may be very troublesome. In order to let our vehicle can travel safely, return, we have to pay attention to the situation of the battery, prevent problems. Can’t let it get in half when driving!

1. Different maintenance of battery and water-saving batteries

At present, our commonly used batteries are mainly divided into two categories, which are two types of ordinary batteries and maintenance-free batteries, respectively.

1. Maintenance-free battery

Maintenance-free battery due to its own advantages, the consumption of the electrolyte is very small, basically no need to supplement distilled water during service life. It also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high temperature, small size and small discharge. The service life is generally twice the ordinary battery.

2. Water type battery

The polar plate of the water storage battery is made of the oxide of lead and lead, and the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. Its main advantage is that the voltage is stable, the price is cheap; the disadvantage is that the battery is low (that is, the battery stored per kilogram of battery), the service life is short and frequent in daily maintenance.

2. Instructions for use in automotive battery

1. When starting the car, the start of the starter is not intermittently caused by over-discharging. The correct way to use is that each time the launch has a total length of no more than 5 seconds, and the startup time is not less than 15 seconds. The cause should be found from the circuit, ignition coil or oil passage in other ways such as circuit, ignition coil or oil.

2. When the current table pointer displays insufficient storage, it is necessary to charge. The battery of the battery can be reflected on the dashboard. Sometimes it finds that the amount of electricity is not enough during the road. The engine is turned off. As a temporary measure, it can help other vehicles, and the battery is used to start the vehicle, and the negative electrode and negative electrode of the two batteries are connected. .

3. The density of the electrolyte should be adjusted according to the standard according to the standards in different regions.

4. Distilled water or special replenishment should be supplemented during loss of electrolyte. Don’t use drink pure water instead. Because pure water contains a variety of trace elements, the battery will cause adverse effects.

5. The battery is long long, it will slowly discharge it until it is scrapped. Therefore, a car should be started every other period of time to charge the battery. Another way is to pull the two electrodes on the battery, it should be noted that the positive and negative two electrode lines are unplugged from the electrode column, and should first unplug the negative electrode line, or remove the negative electrode and the automotive chassis. Then remove the other end with the positive electrode flag (+), the battery has a certain life, and replaces it in a certain period of time (this period is generally 2 years). In the case of replacement, the above order is also followed, but when the electrode line is connected, the order is exactly the opposite, first pick the positive electrode, and then connect the negative electrode.

6. Whether the small hole on the battery cover should be checked frequently when driving daily. If the battery cover is blocked, the generated hydrogen and oxygen can not be out, and when the electrolyte is expanded, the battery housing is broken, affecting the battery life. 


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