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Basic structure and polar principle of valve controlled battery

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Basic structure and polar principle of valve controlled batteryThe English name of the valve-controlled lead-acid battery is ValveRegulatedBattery (referred to as a VRLA battery). The basic feature is that no additional acid and addition is used during use, the battery is sealed, and it will not drain acid, and it will not be alcohol, and the battery cover is set. There is a one-way exhaust valve (also called a safety valve), the valve function is that the exhaust valve is automatically used when the internal gas amount of the battery exceeds a certain value (usually represented by the air pressure), i.e., when the internal air pressure is raised to a certain value, the exhaust valve is automatically Open, discharge gas, then automatically shut down to prevent moisture from evaporating. The basic structure of the valve-controlled lead battery is composed of a positive and negative plate, a partition, an electrolyte, a safe valve, a sprinkle, a housing, and the like.

The positive and negative plates are coated with a slurry plate, and the active material is coated on a special lead calcium alloy skeleton. This polar plate has strong acid resistance, well conductivity and longer life, and the self-discharge rate is also small. Barrier color ultrafine glass fibers are made, all electrolyte injection plates and separators, there is no flow in the battery, even if the outer casing breaks, the battery can operate normally. The top of the battery is equipped with a safety valve. When the internal pressure of the battery reaches a certain value, the safety valve is automatically opened and the gas is discharged. When the air pressure in the battery is lower than a certain value, the safety valve is automatically closed, and there is also a gas plug in the top cover, which prevents the fog from escaping from the battery.

The positive and negative terminal is made of lead alloy, and the full sealing structure is used, and the asphalt sealing is used, in the valve-controlled lead storage battery, the electrolyte is all adsorbed in the separator and plate, and the negative electrode active material (sponge lead) is moist. There are many living conditions, which can be quickly reacted with oxygen. During charging, the oxygen generated by the positive electrode plate diffuses into the negative plate through the partition, and the negative electrode active material is rapidly reacted, and the compound is formed into water. Therefore, in the entire use process, no additional acid is required. 


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