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Battery electrode constituent classification

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Battery electrode constituent classificationThe battery assembly is composed of two electrodes, which must also be reversible, which must also be reversible, and the reversible electrode is typically placed in a solution containing a metal or adsorbed a gas in a solution containing the element ion. of.

Electrodes or semi-batterys are usually divided into three main types. This is primarily a habit classification method in history, in fact, there is no essential difference between them.

The first type of electrode: This type of electrode is at least two phases, and a metal (pure or amalgalization alloy, solid solution) is dissolved into an electrolyte phase containing such a metal cation (solution, melted electrolyte, solid electrolyte, grass)

The second type of electrode: This type of electrode has a three-phase composition: metal, such a metal refractory salt coating, an electrolytic solution in which an anion in the eloquate salt. There is a dynamic equilibrium between the metal and the cation of the refractory salt, there is a dynamic balance between the anions in the anion and the anion in the solution.

A third electrode: an oxidation electrode: an inert metal bar conductor acts as an electronic source or converter inside the oxidative reduction electrode. The components of the semi-reactive response are two oxidation states constituting the electrolyte phase component. In the gaseous electrode, metal electrons, ions in the solution, and the dissolved gases maintain a balanced state. 


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