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Battery energy ratio and use

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Battery energy ratio and useThe total effective energy of the battery (usually W · H is represented) is a measure of how much power can provide, while directly related to the size of the unit cell. The range of battery energy can be extended to 10,000 energy levels.

Among these types, smaller is a 0. 1C experimental battery that has just exceeded 1×10 first ‘w · h, which uses a PBF2 solid electrolyte. The smallest commodity button battery is about 100 mW · h energy, and the common “D size” cylindrical battery is 45 cm3, and the energy is approximately 2 first W · h.

Battery applied to electric tools and radio is generally available to energy of 20- WOW · H. The energy range of the lead-acid battery of the submarine of the weight of about 2001 is estimated to provide 3MW.H energy, but the current 40MW · H load-bearing battery has also been successfully developed.

The energy density and power density of the battery: refers to the electrical energy and output power obtained from the unit mass (or volume) of the battery. It is called more energy and specific power, specifically a method

Quality Energy Density: Electrical energy acquired from the unit quality of the battery, also known as energy than energy. Unit W • h / kg

Volume energy density: electrical energy acquired from the unit volume of the battery is also referred to as a volume ratio energy. Unit W · H / L

Quality Power Density: The output power obtained from the unit quality of the battery is also called the mass ratio power. Unit W / kg

Volume power density: output power acquired from the unit volume of the battery, also referred to as volume specific power, unit is W / L

It is necessary to emphasize the difference between energy density and power density: The power of the battery determines the acceleration, climbability, and maximum speed of the car, and the energy density of the battery determines the renewal mileage after the car is charged.

The weight of the battery has also affected the driving force of the car, and the volume of the battery determines the layout space of the car parts in the automotive chassis. Therefore, electric cars hope to be larger than power and energy.

However, in general, when the power density of the battery increases, the energy density is lowered. The reason is: 1 chemical reaction in the battery produces high current limits the energy density;

2 In order to generate high current, a large number of current collectors are required. In order to make the space, the volume of the electrode material of the electric energy is reduced. 


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