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Battery industry economic operation

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Battery industry economic operationIn 2012, the main product production of the national battery industry has increased, and the results of the lower number of lead-acid batteries in 2011 and 26.35% of electric bicycles were increased in 2011, and the company’s lead-acid batteries in 2012 were brought about 27.35. %, Affected by the atrophy of domestic and foreign battery market, 2012, the company’s lithium-ion batteries above 2012 increased by -4.81% year-on-year. In 2012, the cumulative production of alkaline batteries in 2012 was completed in total growth – 4.41%. The original battery and original battery packs of enterprises and raw battery packs in 2012 were only completed by the accumulated output year-on-year increase of -1.01%. Affected by the demand for market demand in Europe and the United States, in 2012, there is difficult in my country’s solar cell industry, and the production of solar cells in China’s large-scale enterprises increased by 19.91% year-on-year, and the high growth period of solar cell production is over.

2012 national traditional battery industry exports have recovered. According to customs statistics, the battery and battery parts have completed the export volume of $ 9561 billion, an increase of 3.43% year-on-year. However, the export growth is declining on the month, and the future export situation is not optimistic. In 2012, the national battery and battery parts imports were 5.422 billion US dollars, an increase of -10.15% year-on-year. The annual import basically runs under 2011. Affected by the anti-dumping anti-subsidy survey of the global financial crisis and the European and American countries, the 2012 solar cells and components exports were 14.97 billion US dollars, down 42.1% year-on-year.

In 2012, the light battery boom index continued to operate in the cold and overcold. The data industry is affected by the export and efficiency of the battery industry from the 7-December 2012.“too cold”The area is running for 6 months, and the profit index has been staying in one year.“too cold”Area.

In 2012, the production and sales growth in the national battery industry has grown steadily, and the large-scale enterprises completed 19.56% year-on-year year; completing the output value of industrial sales increased by 18.86% year-on-year, the production and sales rate is basically 97.28%. In 2012, the domestic-large-scale battery enterprise battery export value increased year-on-1.37%, far lower than the growth of industrial sales value in the same period; the proportion of sales of sales was reduced by 33.80% last year to 24.77%, below 2009 International Financial Crisis The ratio of 32% occurs. 


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