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Battery polarity labeling and test method

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Battery polarity labeling and test methodThe habitual representation of the electrochemical cell is to place the negative electrode on the left and the positive is placed on the right. The naming of the battery is similar, such as a sodium sulfur battery, is used as an negative electrode, sulfur as a positive electrode. There are also three kinds of more special habitual usage outside the general naming rules: lead-lead-oriented cell cells are called lead-acid batteries, and cadmium nickel hydroquite batteries are referred to as nickel-cadmium batteries, and zinc monoxide batteries are referred to as zinc manganese batteries.

Ampere content:
An ammonded rules (Ampen) in power-on straight wire (Ampen): Hold the power-on straight wire with the right hand, let the thumb point to the direction of the current, then the four fingers point to the surround direction of the magnetic line;
Ampen in the energization solenoid (II): Hold the energization solenoid with the right hand, so that the four fingers are consistent with the current direction, then the end of the thumb is the N pole of the energization solenoid. .

Ammeter of linear current is also applicable to a small linear current. The annular current can be seen as a multi-stage small linear current composition, which determines the direction of magnetic inductance in the central axis of the annular current in each small linear current. The superposition is obtained to obtain the direction of the magnetic induction on the central axis of the annular current. The ammoding of the linear current is basic. The ammount of the annular current can be derived from the ammoding of the linear current, and the magnetic field generated by the linear current is also applicable to the magnetic field produced by the electric charge. At this time, the current direction and positive charge movement The direction is the same, opposite to the direction of negative charge motion. 


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