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Battery positive and negative naming method

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Battery positive and negative naming methodThe battery is represented by the right side, and the electrons flow from the left flow at the left direction; in the solution phase, the positive ion flows from the left to the right, and the negative ion is rowed to the left.

For the sake of convenience, people cited the terminology anode and cathode. The cathode is defined as an electrode having electrons from the outside circuit, i.e., an electrode having a reduction reaction.

In contrast, there is an electrode of the electron flow to the outer circuit, the electrode of the oxidation reaction is an anode. For the original battery of the self-discharge, the cathode is the positive electrode, and for the electrolytic cell or the original battery when charging, the cathode is an negative electrode. In order to avoid confusion, the anode at the time of discharge when the battery is discharged is always referred to as the negative electrode, and the cathode is called a positive electrode. 


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