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Battery professional term description

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Battery professional term descriptionUsually used to outline the terms of the electrochemical device, people have some confusion. In general, these devices will change over time, but still maintain their initial name, in other words, some terms do not clearly define the meaning of the device. According to the present habitual usage, ‘cell “and” battery “are common to the description of a closed electrochemical power supply. The term’ Battery is initially referring to a group of” cell ‘, but now can be understood as monomers. “Cell” or a group of ‘cell’,

There are also two terms “Primary” and “Secondary” batteries that cannot be understood from the literal. The so-called disposable system is a system that is depleted once the battery is exhausted to the reactant. When the reaction of the secondary system is exhausted, it can be charged again, that is, the reverse current (charging) opposite to the discharge direction, the secondary battery can be considered to be an electrochemical reserve. Energy unit. It should be noted that the energy stored in the secondary battery is present in the form of chemical, rather than in the form of electrical energy in the capacitor. In addition, there are some other terms to describe this system, such as: ACCULATOR (ACCULATOR), which is proposed with the terminology “Cell” and “Circuit”, storage battery, rechargeable battery (RechargeBattery) Wait.

One component (usually the electrolyte) is separated from other components or remains non-activated state prior to the reserve battery being activated. Since self-discharge and other chemical processes of such storage are minimized, it can be used as a long-term energy storage device under harsh conditions, so it can be applied to signal systems, missile weapons systems, etc. of life jackets and life rafts. There is also a fuel cell, the positive and negative electrode reactants of the fuel cells are usually gases, which can be stored in vitro and continuously supply the battery. 


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