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Battery technology development stage

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Battery technology development stageElectrochemical power supply (battery) is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy, in the commercial area, solar charger for battery-powered products is becoming more common, leading to power and battery management circuits. In military applications, batteries and power management are critical. In some reason, with many commercial applications, the battery usually requires a specific power level in a short period of time, not a stable power supply.

There are two main uses of the battery. It is also the most important application as a portable power source, from the button battery in the electronic table, to the internal combustion engine vehicle as a lead-acid battery, which belongs to the lead-acid battery of the initiation, illumination, ignition power. The second use is to store the external electric energy to drive the electric vehicle. As the emergency power source, it can also be used as an integral part of the main power supply system, which satisfies the instantaneous peak power demand (load level) or connection regenerable The role of energy (such as solar energy, tidal energy, wind energy). This use will become more important.

1800. Professor AlessAndrovolta in Italy, in a letter to the Royal Association of the British Royal Association, describes the electrochemical cells in the first time, deepening people’s understanding of chemistry and physics. Immediately cause scientists concerned. However, until the 1930s, the emergence of increasingly important telegraph systems promoted the development of reliable commercial batteries, such batteries continued to supply current in the case where the battery voltage does not over-loss.
In the 1970s, a large battery consumption group was produced due to the use of electric battles in the family, office and the hotel. At approximately 20 years later in Edison inventory. The flashlight started the application, when the annual output of the US battery was more than 2 million.

Since 1870, the hot-driven steam DC generator and electromagnetic generator have promoted worldwide industries and families for power supply, which affects today. Although the development needs of the automotive industry have promoted the development of the secondary battery, the availability of batteries is the main reason for promoting its development.
In the 1920s, the emergence of household radio further promoted the development of commercial batteries. In the past 30 years, the development of microelectronic equipment also promoted the development of the battery. It is estimated that the annual output of the battery in the developed country is 81.
More than half of the market sales of various batteries around the world is the lead-acid batteries for vehicle launch, lighting, ignition (SU) power and industrial traction and spare power supply, about one-third of the battery, and the rest is a rechargeable battery and special purpose. Battery. 


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