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Browse sightseeing batteries maintenance

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Browse sightseeing batteries maintenance1) Use the browse sightseeing battery to check the good and bad parts.
(2) Not recommended for sandstone, bumpy road, pay attention to check the power to charge in time. The maintenance of the electric vehicle is also the maintenance of the battery.
(3) Note that the battery is charged before charging the vehicle, pay attention to the vehicle key, turn off the power of the electric vehicle, open the battery cover, pay attention to ventilation. Because of hydrogen in the charging, it should be taken to prevent open fire.
(4) When the battery is insufficient, the battery should be added to the electrical distilled water.
(5) It is preferably full of charging each time, but do not charge over, do not excessively discharge, causing damage to the battery. In the state of the battery, it should not be stored directly.
(6) Browsing the battery abnormality of the sightseeing battery, the mileage is reduced or placed should pay attention to check processing when it is consumed, it is recommended to store the battery in a cool, dry place, pay attention to avoid exposure.
Browse sightseeing batteries are more used in the tourist scenic spot. The old man takes the child, and simple travel is also very suitable for use. The most important maintenance is the maintenance of the battery or battery. 


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