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Browse sightseeing batteries use misunderstandings and precautions

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Browse sightseeing batteries use misunderstandings and precautionsBrowsing the sightseeing battery, in parallel, some people are in the launch of the engine, in the lack of storage of the original batteries, in line with a sufficient electric battery, the sufficient electric battery will be in low storage battery with a large charging current Charge, it is easy to cause the polar active material to fall off, affect the battery of the battery, and the battery of the battery is mixed. If it is used in series, the old battery is under the state of the battery, the charging voltage at both ends of the old battery will The charging voltage higher than the two ends of the new battery will cause the new battery that is not full, the charging of the old battery is too high, and the engine’s engine does not match, if the battery charge capacity is not matched, it can cause A large amount of reactive substances, the life of the battery is shortened.

Browsing the battery’s battery is not enough, this situation is due to the battery electrode congestion caused by incorrect charge and discharge, this time we should stop using the forklift, and put the battery’s two poles to put the electric power on the discharge pile, then plug The power supply is full of electricity, and the sightseeing battery cannot be charged. The battery is 0. This time be careful, first take the power supply, put it in the open air 1 hour, release the original battery, after charging If you don’t work, you need a professional tool to come to the battery box. When the battery is spark, this should be stopped immediately, check the positive and negative of the battery. 


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