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Browse the use of sightseeing batteries

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Browse the use of sightseeing batteriesIn the browsing of the sightseecy battery connection, please wear a protective glove, use a torque wrench and so on, please use the metal tool to insulate the metal tool, absolutely avoid the two ends of the metal tool such as torque wrenches to contact the battery. Negative terminal, causing battery short circuit injury;
When installing an electric storage battery (FP model), please do not change the shape of the terminal or the location, if you need to change, please contact us. When installing a bolt tightening electric storage battery (LFP, CFP model), use the bolt madmil with the battery accessories to secure the torque to 11.3 N.m;
Before the external device is connected, the device is in the off state, and it is again checked whether the connection polarity of the electric storage battery is correct, and then the positive electrode of the positive electrode connection device of the electric storage battery (group), a electric battery (group) Connect the negative end of the device and tighten the cable. 


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