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Car lead battery companies start

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Car lead battery companies startSeptember China’s lead storage battery companies have started more improved, mainly benefited from the growth of the car export market to drive the production and sales, and the automobile lead storage battery enterprises with this companion also rose.
According to the automotive production and sales data released by the China Automotive Industry Association, China’s auto production has increased by 160.2 million vehicles, an increase of 15.00% and 19.19% respectively. This data also implied that the start-up rate of automotive lead storage battery companies supported in September was raised.
In addition to the factors that benefit from environmental inspections, the export market is another important force that pulls the growth of automotive production and sales. Although the export of automotive enterprises has fallen in September, it still maintains more than 50% of growth rates from year time. Affected by this, the starting rate of automobile lead storage battery companies in September has improved in August. 


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