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Care knowledge of automotive battery

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Care knowledge of automotive batteryThe maintenance of the battery is already a hot topic. The automotive battery is an essential part of the vehicle. Its importance is unquestionable. The life of the battery is generally around two years. Of course, if you pay attention to the maintenance of the battery, its life will also extend accordingly. There are also many places to pay attention to the maintenance process of the car.

For how to properly maintain the battery, let’s share with you today:

1,   The battery is securely installed on the vehicle and reduces the vibration.

2,   During the use of the vehicle, it is often checked whether the exhaust hole is smooth to prevent the battery from deformation or burst.

3,   Try to minimize the waste of the electricity of the vehicle in daily life, pay attention to check whether the vehicle on the car is closed before getting off the bus.

4,   Do not discharge during use, each start-up time should not exceed 3-5 seconds, and the time interval of the secondary start-up vehicle is not less than 10 seconds.

5,   If the vehicle is not allowed for a long time, the battery should be fully charged. Every one month needs to launch the car to run for about 20 minutes in medium speed. Otherwise, the placement time is too long, the vehicle will be difficult to start.

I hope that the batteries of everyone can live longer! 


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