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Cause of electric forklift battery

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Cause of electric forklift batteryCause of electric forklift battery
The electric forklift will occasionally happen to smoke, and you have to treat it calm, and analyze the causes of the situation as soon as possible. 1 The reason why the electric forklift factory appliances electric forklift battery is mainly the following:
Phenomenon 1: Electric forklift, battery forklift battery is too early, or a lot of ventilation. This is the reason for the case where the rechargeable battery is sulfate.
Phenomenon 2: Electric forklift, battery forklift charging battery is not taking gas. This is due to short circuits in the inside of the battery, then stop charging, exclude short circuit conditions.
Phenomenon 3: The battery battery is not taking gas or tall. This situation should be that the charging current is small or the battery is charged is not sufficient. At this time, you need to adjust the charging current to the appropriate size to continue charging.
Phenomenon 4: The battery will appear in the air during the discharge process. This is due to the discharge, which is not put on hold, which is discharged, and the electrolyte is discharged or the electrolytic solution is placed on hold.
The daily maintenance of the electric forklift should pay attention to the following three points:
Electric forklift, in our daily guest production operation, it has played a crucial role. This type of cutting-edge equipment uses modern advanced technology, combining automated and machinery, providing more safe and reliable for our work. Production operation. If you want the electric forklift, it is better to do related homework for our company, then we need to maintain the device to make the device more normal to the equipment. The correct daily maintenance is very important. The daily maintenance of the electric forklift, we mainly start from the following three aspects.

First, regularly perform related detection. The so-called anti-happening. Daily detection of parts of the equipment can also be resolved as soon as possible. For each component of the device, we need to carefully conduct related inspections, avoiding the problems of some small parts, and causing the equipment that can be unavailable.

Second, a loose oil is added to each component regularly. Mechanical equipment, after long-term use, metal substances, need to make more comprehensive maintenance. Therefore, during daily use, we need to regularly provide various mechanical components, plus related professional lubricants, avoiding corrosion of equipment, making the equipment more normal.

Third, electric forklifts, once we have difficulty resolving some faults. Non-professional staff, surrendeitable to equipment, disassemble, we need to make this type of problem for us through regular manufacturers.

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