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Cause of electric patrol car battery to distillation water

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Cause of electric patrol car battery to distillation waterElectric patrol cars is the most commonly used electric vehicle, so if the electric vehicle battery is a lead-acid battery to detect the battery electrolyte density and water, etc. We know that adding water to the electric vehicle battery to add distillation water.
Why do you want to add distilled water to the electric vehicle battery? Let’s first look, what is distilled water? It refers to the pure water prepared with a distillation method. Differentially distilled water at a time. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of distilled water: one of the quality standards of distilled water is that the salt amount is generally around 1 to 5 mg / L. The resistivity requirements of distilled water are required to be around 0.1 × 106 Ω · cm (Eu · Cm). It means that distilled water does not conduct electricity. We know that the water in the nature is not pure, usually contain a variety of salts such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and also contain organisms, microorganisms, dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide and suspended objects. After a distillation, the non-volatile component remains in the container, and the volatilized component enters the initial fraction of distilled water, and only the intermediate portion of the fraction is collected, accounting for about 60%. The following is the data standard for Baidu Encyclopedia for standard distilled water:
1 burning residue (≤0.01%) 2 manganese (Mn) content (≤0.00001%) 3 iron (Fe) content (≤0.0004%) 4 chloride (CL) (≤0.0005%) 5 reduction of potassium permanganate ( O) content (≤0.0002%) 6 transparency (mm) colorless transparent

7 Resistivity (25 ° C) (≥10 x 104 Ωcm) 8 nitric acid and nitrite (in n) (≤0.0003%) 9 ammonium (NH4) content (≤0.0008%) 10 alkaline earth metal oxide (CaO) (≤ ≤ 0.005%)

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