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Causes and inspection methods for electric forklifts

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Causes and inspection methods for electric forkliftsWhen using electric forklifts in the usual work, it will often encounter such an electric forklift failure, which is suddenly not gone when I use it, so what should we do in this situation?

1. First check the forklift battery of the electric forklift accessory to see if there is a voltage, if the voltage is inspected, is it able to use it. Exclude: The battery is directly charged without the voltage or the voltage is too low.

2. Check the phenomenon of loose or short circuit if there is a loose or short circuit, and the micro switch is damaged. Exclude: Maintenance and cleanup lines, replacement or repair micro switching.
3. Check the lifting contactor assembly There is no burning or a coil short circuit and open circuit, exclude: the white gold contact of the contactor or directly replaces a new hydraulic contactor assembly.
4. Check the lifting module has a phenomenon that is burn or burning short and disconnects, and the method: maintenance or replacement module assembly.
5. Check that the hydraulic motor has no voltage to check the motor without a short circuit or the circuit of the circuit or the discharge, and the carbon brush has no severe wear. Exclude: Repair line, replace the carbon brush of the motor and the copper head of the motor, the maintenance hydraulic motor assembly or replace the new hydraulic motor.
6. Check the electric forklift accessories hydraulic pump, multi-channel valve, tubing and cylinder without damage, exclusion method: hydraulic pump damage maintenance or direct replacement of new hydraulic pump assembly, multi-channel valve damage to it or direct replacement New multi-channel valve assemblies, replace new hydraulic tubes, cylinders replacement repair packs or replace new cylinder assemblies. 


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