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Causes of battery corrosion

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Causes of battery corrosionThe corrosion battery terminal prevents the car from starting due to resistance. White powders sometimes find inhalation, intake and skin contact in the battery terminals. Corrosion is a lead storage battery that causes the sulfuric acid to react with a plastic battery cartridge and a lead battery that causes an incompletely sealed plastic battery cartridge and lead storage. The corrosion process has also accelerated charging. Corrosion also can wait for the production of brine, dirt, heat, humidity, and cracks in the battery housing or loose battery terminal. Test, clean and protect the measures of medium grease of photocatalysts to prevent corrosion battery terminals. An incomplete rechargeable battery occurs during vulcanization. The longer the time, it is still in the discharge state, which is difficult to overcome sulfate. This may be overcome slow, low current (trickle charging). Sulfate is formed to form a large, conductive sulfate transistor plate; the formation of p-sulfate is per period, but the crystal of the discharge conditions becomes large, preventing the electrolyte by current through the electrolyte. The main wear mechanism is a battery board of the active substance that accumulates at the bottom of the cell, which may eventually short the board.

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