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Characteristics and applicable occasions of the front movement forklift

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Characteristics and applicable occasions of the front movement forkliftThe door frame of the front movement forklift can be moved before, in which the front shift forklift of the gantry means that the door frame is moved forward and removed from the front wheel. Fork with cargo recovery, the cure of the cargo is in the support surface; and the fork front shift forklift means that the shelf is moved to the front wheel outside the front wheel, and the fork is taken back to the support plane.

The front movement forklift has two advanced legs, high legs, two wheels on the front end of the legs, the role of the legs to ensure the stability of the forklift at the load. Compared with the accelerator, the front wheel is large, the leg is higher, the leg cannot be inserted into the bottom of the cargo, and the door frame can be moved along the rail in the inside of the leg, so fork After taking the goods, a height can be retracted, ensuring the stability of the forklift run. The front movement forklift is the same as the inner leg forklift, which is the center of gravity of the cargo to the support plane of the vehicle, so the stability is very good. . Suitable for workshops and warehouses within the warehouse. The starting force of the front movement is small and the motor is driven.

The door frame of the front-shift forklift can be taken along the track in the inside of the leg, which is easy to remove the cargo. After the fork is taking the goods, after a small height, the door frame returns to the original position along the track inside the leg.

The front shift forklift has a common feature of balance heavy forklift and electric stacker. When the gantry is raised to the top, the focus of the load falls outside the fulcrum, which is equivalent to the electric stacker. The combination of these three performances makes this forklift have the advantages of operational flexibility and high load, and the volume and self-weight will not increase, and the vehicle is not increased, and the car is from about 500kg, and it can save space and reduce the turn radius. , Suitable for indoor warehouse works in narrow channels.

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