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Characteristics of the valve controlled battery

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Characteristics of the valve controlled batteryValve-controlled sealed batteries have been widely used because there are prominent features, but there are still some payable problems in manufacturing and operation, and should always remember that it is never maintenance-free battery.

From the analysis of the work status, imperfectness, power supply of the battery, the technical maintenance of the battery should be the weight of the battery. The valve controlled sealed battery despite the characteristics of highlights, such as: no acid fog, can be placed in the same housing in normal conditions, suitable for distributed power supply, car power supply, etc., but in production, manufacturing, operation and maintenance Some unreasonable places. There are two valve-controlled sealed batteries: one is a valve-controlled storage battery (AGM) using a superfine fiber diaphragm; one is a valve-controlled storage battery using colloidal electrolyte.

Therefore, the valve-controlled sealed battery is very strict on the requirements of the production process. Valve-controlled sealed batteries Due to gravity and cannot add distilled water during use, the electrolyte uniformity is poor, and water is an important factor in advance failure. Therefore, it has strict requirements for working environment, temperature, floating voltage, and charging voltage. 


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