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Chemical material and formation of lithium ion batteries

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Chemical material and formation of lithium ion batteriesLithium batteries are in our field, mobile phone batteries, electric vehicles, electric bus, aviation, lighting, communication systems, etc., almost all walks of life, lithium-ion battery is the green high energy battery in the 1990s, in energy chemistry It is concerned with the material chemistry field, the electrolyte is an important part of the lithium ion battery, not only in the positive and negative conveying and conductive current, but also determines the working mechanism of the battery to a large extent, affecting the battery’s ratio energy, safety performance, and magnification. Charge and discharge, circulating life, and production costs, etc. Liquid lithium ion batteries, polymer lithium ion batteries and full solid lithium ion batteries and to meet different production and life practice.

After the lithium battery is made, it is necessary to formulate it, and the purpose is to enable the battery to have electrical properties, and can accept the charge of electrical energy and release the electrical energy, and select the battery consistent with the performance index and combined together. The chemical formation system has a great impact on the performance of the battery. The conventional small current pre-charge can help the stable SEI film formation, so that the performance of the lithium-ion battery can be effectively improved, but the long-time small current charge can result in an increase in the formed SEI membrane impedance, thereby affecting the lithium ion battery. The magnification discharge performance, the process time is less affected productivity, and for the lithium iron phosphate system, when the charging voltage is greater than 3.7V, the lattice structure of lithium iron phosphate may cause damage, thereby affecting the cycle performance of the battery.

Due to the characteristics of high voltage, high-energy density, no pollution and long cycle life, the lithium-ion battery is therefore generally concerned in the field of energy chemistry and material chemistry, but also an important part of a lithium ion battery, not only It plays a very important role in positive and negative conduction and transport current, and to a large extent, it affects the reversible capacity, safety, and cycle life of the battery. At present, the lithium-ion battery is used by flammable organic electrolyte. This has a negative impact on the safety performance of the battery. In particular, in recent years, the development of vehicle power batteries has put forward more electrolytes of lithium-ion batteries. High security requirements. As a new type of electrolyte solvent, the ionic liquid is a wide concern of people from the characteristics of its non-volatile, non-flammable, high conductivity and high electrochemical window. 


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