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Classification and advantages of lithium manganate battery

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Classification and advantages of lithium manganate batteryThe advantages of lithium manganate batteries are excellent in magnification, and the preparation is relatively easy, and the cost is low. The disadvantage is that the dissolution of manganese has caused high temperature performance and cycle properties, greatly improved by doping aluminum and sintered granulation, high temperature performance and cycle, basically satisfying the actual use. In general, lithium manganate battery has a low temperature and low temperature, poor high temperature performance, and the attenuation is slightly faster.

There are three kinds of lithium manganate batteries:

1, lithium manganganate LiMnO2, theoretical capacity 285mA · h / g, voltage platform 4V. Layered structures are difficult to synthesize, unstable, very easy to form a Li2MN2O4 spinel structure, resulting in a decrease in voltage platform, poor stability, and non-reversible attenuation.

2, high pressure spinel lithium lithium LiMn2O4, theoretical capacity 148mA · h / g, voltage platform 4.15. High temperature performance is poor, and the capacity at 55 ° C is severe. It is also easy to generate Li2MN2O4 spinel structure and cause a decrease in voltage platform, poor stability, and irreversible attenuation. This is currently used in industrial manganate.

3, the spinellate Li2MN2O4, low voltage low (3V), low capacity, poor cycle, how to avoid this kind of thing.

Ternary: In order to solve the defect of lithium manganese acid lithium-acid battery, the three-dimensional material Linicomno2 (linicoalo2) of Ni, CO (Al) invented Ni, CO (Al) by the method of blending metal elements, and the high capacity of lithium nickellate is invented. High voltage of voltage, lithium manganese acid is high, and the good cycle of lithium cobaltate, while overcoming the difficulty of synthesizing lithium manganese acid and unstable, the lithium cobaltate cost is high, which has become a current mainstream positive material. The theoretical capacity of 280mA · h / g, voltage 2.7 ~ 4.2, now the actual capacity is around 160mA · h / g.

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