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Common lead-acid battery charging several line connection methods

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Common lead-acid battery charging several line connection methodsThe line connection method for charging the battery is connected in series charge, parallel charge and string, three methods of concurrent charge.

(1) Serial charge

It is a charging method (Fig. 51) that is commonly used under the conditions of the battery model, the charging current value, the power source G is positive to pick up the first battery positive electrode, the first battery’s negative electrode picks up the second battery positive electrode, Push, the negative electrode of the last battery is negative.

(2) Parallel charge

It is usually a charging method (see Figure 52) that is used under the voltage of the charger output power, and the positive electrode of all the charging batteries is connected together, and it is connected to the charger power supply. The negative electrode of the battery is connected to the negative electrode of the charger power source. If the new and old battery intersects, the charge is inconsistent, which is not appropriate to charge this method.

(3) String parallel charge

This charging method is often different from the battery specifications, and the charging device is limited by the condition of the condition. 


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