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Communication power lead-acid battery

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Communication power lead-acid batteryThe lead-acid battery is mainly used in the communication industry to use the backup power supply of the mobile base station. In the power industry mainly used the backup power supply and energy storage power supply of the power plant, substation control and power DC power supply system, its product category is a valve control Sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery. Therefore, the market demand of the lead-acid battery for communication power is inseparable from the investment scale of the communication power industry.

From a global perspective, the financial crisis has led to a large decline in telecommunications equipment, which has fallen sharply in 2009, and this slight trend has been preliminary in 2010 with the market situation. In 2010, global telecommunications equipment investment was $ 80.20 billion, and it was basically the same as 2009. LTE and broadband network construction is the main reason for the increase in investment in telecommunications equipment.

“Twelve Five”During the period, my country’s information technology related investment will reach 2.1 trillion, with an average annual annual. The scope of investment covers 3G networks and LTE, broadband upgrades, and FTTX construction, three network integration, Internet of Things applications and mobile Internet. Among them, communication related industrial investment is expected to be around $ 30 billion, with wireless network investment (3G / 4G) will be basically flat, or slightly. Broadband construction investment growth is the most determined, and it is expected that the annual growth rate is more than 20%. Therefore, the domestic communication industry will grow steadily on valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery.

China Electric Power Industry“Twelve Five”Planning Research Report ” The national 110 kV and above reached 1.33 million kilometers, and the substantant capacity of 56 billion kilowa; the proposed target proposed in 2020 is that the national generated installed capacity reached around 1885 million kilowatts, an average annual growth of 5.6%; 110 kV And the above line reached 1.76 million kilometers, and the substantant capacity of 79 billion kilofarks. According to the planning of the National Grid Corporation,“Twelve Five”During the period, the State Grid will invest 50 billion yuan, build a large energy base and the main load center.“Three horizontal three vertical”The special high-pressure backbone grid and 13 round long distance tributary transmission projects, initially built a core world-class strong smart grid. The development of the power industry will inevitably lead to an increase in the demand for lead-acid batteries.

According to the “lead-acid battery industry” according to the lead-acid battery branch of China Electrical Industry Association“Twelve Five”Development Plan, 2009 China Telecom Electric Power Market demand is 18 billion yuan, with the development of telecommunications 3G, 4G system and the development of power generation, power grid construction, will increase 1500,000 ~ 300 on the existing market in the next five years The market size of 10,000 kVah is more than 3 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2015 China will form a market demand for 21 billion fixed valve-free sealed batteries. 


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