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Comparison of imported forklift batteries and domestic forklift batteries

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Comparison of imported forklift batteries and domestic forklift batteriesImport forklift battery price is more expensive than domestic forklift batteries, this is unquestionable, with a group of 48V400AH imported battery as an example, about 20,000 yuan ~ 27,000 yuan, domestic price is 12,000 yuan ~ 15,000 yuan, this The gap is basically half, but in terms of use, the life of life and other factors, the imported forklift battery is used in 1,500 times to 1700 times, and the domestic battery pack is about 800 times, the life use is very obvious, reference 30% of the subsequent maintenance, still very cost-effective, but if the life of the 2 groups of domestic forklift batteries is more than a set of imports, and in accordance with the old battery recycling, there are many, no matter where, this Both the power-type lead-acid battery must rely on daily maintenance to continue its own performance, charging, discharging, vehicle electrical system, and power parts affecting the battery, so it is recommended that enterprises combine their own operations, according to workload and personnel Quality Consider whether it is necessary to have a set of imported forklift battery packs.

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