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Conditions to follow when the electric forklift is used

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Conditions to follow when the electric forklift is usedThe motor of the electric forklift has a function of producing dust after carbon-free wear, and the internal environment is cleaned, and it is possible to improve the service life. When using, we must understand the conditions to follow when it is used.
1. The motor must keep drying, cleaner, ventilated at any time, and the temperature is not low.
2, the user must cut off when the motor drying of the electric forklift is to avoid accidents.
3, using a 250V megapherometer, the motor is cold insulated resistance, and the motor below 45m is 0.5m, and the 45V – 110V motor is 1M.
4. If the drying requires drying, drying, indoor drying or drying, and must pay attention to the coil temperature during the drying process, do not be too high, check the insulation resistance of the ground.
5. Check if the armature is rotated flexible.
6. Check if the link of the motor is correct.
7, the brush should slide freely in the box, and the stock should be cleaned.
8. The coil insulation resistance should be regularly checked.
9. If the motor failure stops working immediately, the highest voltage of the motor is 1.1 times the total nominal voltage of the series battery element.
10. Keep the cleaning on the casing, remove the dirt, so as not to affect its heat dissipation, check the steering, brush, and electric saws at least every six months.

In addition, we remind you that 70% of the electric forklift motor is fails because the motor carbon brush or commutator has failed, so there is a carbonless AC motor to improve the working efficiency and service life of the motor.

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