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Consideration of electric forklift battery price and its battery precautions

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Consideration of electric forklift battery price and its battery precautions

In the aspect of the electric forklift battery, if it comes to its price, then it will definitely think of this knowledge point. In addition, what should we pay attention to in the battery in the electric forklift? The following Belons Power Mall introduces you to the technical considerations and battery precautions for the forklift battery.

The purchase of the electric forklift, the content we should consider is:
(1) Select domestic brands or foreign brands.
(2) Compare the price, we should do the goods than three.
(3) See how the usage time is to choose, it can maximize it.
(4) The safety of electric forklift power is also important, we should consider loading both cargo and operator safety issues. In the former, we mainly see how the running stability of the forklift, and the latter is mainly to see if there is a security hidden danger.
Precautions for electric forklift batteries are:
(1) During the battery charge and discharge process, the water in the electrolyte gradually decreases, and it is necessary to supplement in time, otherwise the battery life will be shortened. However, to supplement distilled water, you can’t use drink purple water to avoid adverse effects on the battery.
(2) The height of the electrolyte should be within the normal range, it is not too full, otherwise it will overflow, so that the pole is shorted.

(3) If the forklift is not used, then the negative electrode wire on the battery should be heeded to avoid leakage.

Forkdrons, both the purchase price is considered or the battery maintenance problem, it should be in accordance with market rules and maintenance methods, which can preferably extend the battery usage time. 


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