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Correct use of maintenance battery

Correct use of maintenance batteryThe maintenance of the battery is not maintenance, just less water, generally used in industrial equipment, electric forklifts, automobiles, solar fields, because the maintenance-free battery is running in a floating charge during normal operation, according to the relevant standards of the power sector, The floating voltage value is generally controlled to 2.25V. In the support of the battery, monitor the end voltage, floating current, and the voltage of each battery.

(1) The first charging of the battery-free battery should adjust the charging voltage and current according to the standard requirements and description of the battery. And guarantee that the one-time uninterrupted in a complete charging time is still 24h. Now our factory has a total of 108 single cylinders, and the average voltage is about 2.09V (individual 2.08V), and the normal charging voltage is adjusted within 240V to 250V.
(2) The maintenance battery should check the single-end voltage and total voltage in the normal operation of the DC system, it is best to regularly replenish the electrical maintenance, ensuring that the battery pack has rated capacity to ensure safe and reliable .
The floating charge voltage in the working state should be 1.05 times the rated voltage of the battery pack, and the charging compression should be 1.1 times the rated voltage of the battery pack, and the main charge current should be 0.1 times the rated capacity of the battery pack, if it is deviation. Should be adjusted in time.
(3) The temperature of the maintenance battery is exceeded (greater than 35 ¡ã C), and cooling measures should be taken.
(4) Do not use the battery for a long time, or the long-term is in a floating charge state without discharging. Try to avoid charging the battery overcurrent or overvoltage, it should be charged in time after the discharge is delivered.
(5) Pay attention to prevent the battery from over-discharge. When there is an accident or failure, the DC system will immediately put into the main load and accident lighting load. If the battery pack voltage drops to 2V ¡Á 108 (the number of cells), the AC power supply has not been recovered, should be automatically Manually disconnect the battery pack to avoid damage due to over-discharge of the battery pack. When the AC power is restored, the charging device should be automatically or manually entering constant current charging - constant voltage charging - floating charge.
(6) Note that when the battery is not required to be replaced due to a single capacity, it can only be replaced one-time, and it cannot be replaced alone with the battery of the performance indicator, otherwise it will affect the playback of the battery due to the internal resistance of the battery. , Shorten the service life of the entire set of batteries.
When the maintenance-free battery is charged, it should be in the external current power supply (charge pole or rectifier), which causes the material generated by the positive and negative electrode to restore the material generated after the discharge, and converts the external electrical energy to chemical energy. On the positive electrode plate, under the action of the external current, the leads of sulfate is dissociated into divalent lead ions (PB2) and sulfate (SO4-2). Since the external power is constantly absorbing electrons from the positive electrode, the positive electrode plate is free. Price lead ions (PB2) continue to release two electrons to supplement, become tetravalent lead ions (PB4), and continue to react with water, ultimately generate neutral lead (PBO2) on the positive electrode plate (PBO2). On the negative plate, under the action of the external current, the leads of sulfate are eluted into divalent lead ions (PB2) and sulfate negative ions (SO4-2), and since the negative electrode is constantly obtaining electronics from the external power supply, the negative electrode plate is free. Price lead ions (PB2) are neutralized to lead (PB), and adhering to the negative plate with velvet lead. In the electrolyte, the positive electrode is constantly producing free hydrogen ions (H) and sulfate ions (SO4-2), and the negative electrode is constantly producing sulfate ions (SO4-2), and the hydrogen ion moves to the negative electrode under the action of the electric field, sulfate Ions move to the positive electrode, form current. In the late stage of charging, under the action of the external current, water electrolysis reactions occur in the solutio  Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery