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Cost analysis of electric forklifts and internal combustion truck

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Cost analysis of electric forklifts and internal combustion truckBuy an electric stacker, you must first understand your needs, and then the company’s budget to buy this equipment, which sectors need to be used. The weight of the goods, the highness of the improvement, the height of the door or the height of the elevator, reserved how big channels, then the choice of the brand or manufacturer, whether the after-sales service is intimate, if there is inventory, the accessories are easy to purchase Whether the maintenance is easy.

The heat discussion of “smog days” is constant, and refining enterprises are one of the direct responsibility of smog weather. Two of the words triggered the public on “energy saving and emission reduction, green environmental protection” and high attention. With the launch of the forklift manufacturers, the new products we believe in energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the electric forklift will become the trend of future development. It is bound to set off a “green wind” in the industrial vehicle industry.

The advantage of the electric forklift is actually more. In addition to high energy conversion efficiency, no exhaust gas emissions, noise is small, there are many advantages that everyone is easy to ignore, and the forklift accessories are analyzed. Be

1. Use cost: The cost of electricity is much lower than diesel or petroleum liquefied gas. Be

2, maintenance cost: Maintenance cycle, the maintenance cycle of electric forklift is two to three times longer than the internal combustion truck, usually the maintenance cycle of the internal burning truck is up to 500 hours, and many electric forkeds have been able to reach 1000 hours The above maintenance cycle. Be

3, more convenient to use: The electric forklift is simple because its operation is simple and flexible. The signal is controlled, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator, so that it is very helpful for improving its work efficiency and the accuracy of the work. Be

4. The development of environmentally friendly social needs requires an aspect, more and more forklift indoor operations, so that the requirements for the emissions of the vehicle are getting higher and higher. Europe and the United States have strictly stipulated that internal burning trucks are prohibited. Even if the laws and regulations in my country have not started to strictly limit the internal burning truck in indoor use, but compared to the inner burning forklift, the low noise of electric vehicles, the advantages of no exhaust gas emissions have been recognized by many users. In these respects, the market demand growth of electric forklifts will be faster and faster, and the electric forklift market share will be larger. 


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