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Current calculation of battery capacity required

Current calculation of battery capacity requiredWe need to be very cautiously choosing the capacity of the battery. If the capacity of the discharge is insufficient, the discharge time you want in on the one hand can not be achieved, which will seriously damage the battery so that the battery will be scrapped. So how should we calculate the battery capacity?
If you want to calculate the capacity of the battery, we must know how much the supply current is, and the general equipment will be indicated. If there is no indication, we can calculate the power supply voltage and the power of the machine: the formula: current (I) = power (W) / voltage (V), the supply current is obtained.
The general battery capacity is indicated by AH, meaning that, for example, 100ah, we discharge at a temperature of 25 ¡ã C with a current of 100A, which can be discharged an hour. However, in practical applications, we should reserve 30% capacity of the battery, so that the formula is: capacity AH = current i * time h * 70%
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