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Current problem about battery

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Current problem about batteryCalculation method of battery charging current?
Normal charging current = battery capacity ¡Â 10, such as a battery having a capacity of 1500mAh, its normal charging current is 1500 ¡Â 10 = 150 mA. Normal complete charging time is 12 to 14 hours.
How big is the battery charging current?
If your vehicle battery charging is to charge the current in the car, it is changed. At this time, the constant pressure 14V is charged, the charging current is related to the ablation of your battery. The more current is shorter. Now general car battery usually doesn’t have to take it down to supplement charging, but if you are often short distance, you will drive less than 10 minutes each time, because the power consumption is very large, then you should regularly detect the battery’s battery. , Take it down to supplement charging, or run off the high speed regularly, go out. If a supplement charge is removed from the car, it is generally divided into two stages, and the first stage charging current is 0.1c 20, 10-12 hours, and the second stage 0.05c 20, 2-3 hours. C20 is a rated capacity, and there is a 60AH above the battery.
How to control battery charging current?

The charging current of the general battery is more difficult to control. Because the battery changes during the charging process, if the constant current charging, the voltage varies, the battery is not necessarily good. And the design is complex, the cost is also high. Therefore, most of the charging equipment is now regulators such as car generators, such as automotive generators. Of course, the current changes, but the later period will not affect the battery life due to charging.

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