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Damage specific cause of electric forklift battery

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Damage specific cause of electric forklift batteryThe normal cycle of the battery of the electric forklift is generally between eight hundred to one thousand five times. In addition to the quality of the quality, according to the different environments used by the electric forklift, the battery life will continue in one year. It is not possible to five years. Although the battery brand used by some companies is very good, the quality is also guaranteed, but the electric forklift battery can be used in five years, but some can’t be maintained for a year. What is the reason? ?

The electric forklift is relatively short because the transportation distance per interval is relatively short, and the vehicle will park and start, and the forklift battery will consume a lot of power in such a operating environment, in such a long time of high current charging. The reaction of water synthesis in the battery will increase, resulting in a large amount of gas and water in the battery, and too much detiating gas will make the separation force between those active substances and grids decrease, thereby forming The active substance falls, allowing the battery electrolyte of the electric forklift to become more turbid.

Further, too many precipitation is caused to increase the pressure of the gas inside the battery. If the exhaust gas is not smooth, the acid gas inside the battery, water vapor will be over high air pressure. Spray out. Because its pressure can be released well, there is still a safety hazard of an explosion.

Since the structure of the electric forklift is small, the radius of the turn is also small. In the electrolytic solution of the battery, the electrolyte is a relatively fierce echo, some of the electrolyte will rush to the venting plug in the state of charging operation, if it is selected or in It is not suitable for design, which will cause the electric forklift battery electrolyte overflow. Since the shock absorbing performance of the forklift will be compared, the exhaust gas of the battery should be securely securely.

Therefore, regardless of how much brand is expensive, it is not possible to operate when driving electric forklifts, or improper maintenance, it will cause the battery that the battery is not expected in advance. Driving an electric forklift is not only required to require high efficiency, but also guarantees the safety of transportation and is important for electric forklifts and battery maintenance and maintenance. 


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