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Decision method of battery quality aging

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Decision method of battery quality aging1. Judgment from the appearance: Observing the appearance of non-deformed, protruding, leakage, cracking, fried, screw joints, etc.
2, load measurement: If there is no abnormality in the appearance, the UPS operates in battery mode, with a certain amount of load, if the discharge time is significantly shorter than normal discharge time, after 8 hours, it can not return to normal alternate time, determine the aging battery aging .
3, measure with universal table:
A. Total voltage of the battery pack: The total voltage of the battery pack is significantly lower than the nominal value (the nominal value of the C1K battery group is 36V), and the charging is not allowed to return to the normal value, even if it is restored to the normal value. The discharge time does not reach the normal discharge time and determines the aging of the battery. Be
B. Battery boot measurement: UPS does not boot, do not pick up electricity, first measuring the total voltage of the battery pack, take C1K as an example, at this time, the voltage may be between 36V-40V, belongs to normal, and the pen pen should not leave, always Staring at the instructions of the multimeter, then connect the machine key, if the battery total voltage is down to 30V or even ten volts, the UPS is automatically turned off immediately. After the power is turned off, the voltage is immediately returned to the original value. Judging the aging of the US Hui Battery.

C. Measurement in battery discharge mode: Measure the end voltage in the battery pack, if one or more battery end voltages are obvious above or lower than the nominal voltage (nominal voltage 12V / section), determine the battery aging.

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