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Decisive factors for use life of traction batteries

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Decisive factors for use life of traction batteriesFactors affecting the life of traction batteries: the electrolyte liquid level height. When charging, the water in the electrolyte is divided into hydrogen and oxygen loss, which reduces the amount of the electrolyte. When the electrolyte liquid level is lower than the plate, the plate material is exposed to air so that the material will change without chemistry. In addition, the remaining electrolyte concentration will be too high, which will degrade the performance of the plate, too much electrolyte, which is easily splashed, and the corrosion of the pile head is increased.

Overcharge. The battery has been charged with an excessive current to be overcharged. No matter how, excessive charging will cause the chemical effect in the battery damage. When over charge, the moisture in the electrolyte is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen bubbles, and these air bubbles will rush away, and excessive charging can cause overheating of the battery, so that the positive electrode plate material is modified, and the other When the battery is ventilate and the electric water is rushed out of the fine particles exit outside the battery, allowing the battery pile head, the sheath and engine parts to corruption, and make the battery top leakage.

Excessive water. If the battery is added in an excessive water, when charging, the electric water causes air bubbles to expand due to the temperature rise and overflow the battery, increase the resistance, reduce the charging rate; and make the battery of the battery are leaking by a more wet top. The sulfuric acid will also be lost, and if the distilled water is supplemented, the electrolyte will become more plenty of plenty of charge.

The traction battery is relatively high, and if the purchase price is not proportional, the loss caused is very large, and its added value is determined. A set of 1.5 tons of forklifts and domestic forklift batteries are between 1.4-16,000. In 2 years, the monomers will fail frequently, exceeding the product warranty time, the maintenance battery monomer is very high, even if it can do well, follow-up Still appearing that the single capacity is uneven, which is delayed and consumes money. The battery is a source of traction of the iron truck, and its cost is 10% to 15% of the forklift price, which is the most important component of the iron forklift.

Domestic Take the battery pack service life is 800 ~ 1200 times, the actual working period is about 2 years; the service life of foreign forklift battery pack is 1500 charge and discharge, the actual working period is around 3.5 years. The life of the battery depends on its discharge depth, the larger the discharge depth, the shorter service life. When the battery is over-discharged to the output voltage, it can cause a large amount of sulfate in the inside of the battery to be subjected to the cathode surface of the battery, forming ‘sulfate’ of the battery cathode. Since the lead itself of sulfate itself is an insulator, its formation must have a bad impact on the charge and discharge performance of the battery. Therefore, the more sulfate formed on the cathode plate, the larger the internal resistance of the battery, the worse the battery, the shorter use of the service life. Do not completely discharge, avoid excessive discharge, preferably the amplitude of the discharge between 30% to 50%.

The traction of the battery is also one of the factors affecting its life, and the loss of water can cause the specific gravity of the electrolyte, the corrosion of the battery grid, so that the active material of the battery is reduced, thereby reducing the capacity of the battery to reduce its service life. Whether the initial charging is good, it will seriously affect the life of the battery. It must be in full load, insufficient charging will reduce the life of the battery. 


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