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Despicized electric vehicle power storage battery overall requirements

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Despicized electric vehicle power storage battery overall requirementsAccording to the above electric vehicle power (B-ICE or B-Fc) mixing, the electric vehicle can mainly be divided into energy mixing and power mixing, and the power storage battery corresponding to this is also divided into high energy type and high power. Combined with people’s acceptance of traditional internal combustion locomars, ideal electric vehicle power storage battery overall requirements:

(1) High-energy density (it is related to the distance and car available energy of the charging): According to different configurations, electric vehicles need 100 to 1000Wh ¡¤ kg-1 (equivalent to gasoline).
(2) High power density (it is related to starting, climbing and acceleration characteristics or efficiency characteristics): 500 to 1500W ¡¤ kg-1, or higher (comparable to gasoline) according to different configuration electric vehicles.
(3) Working temperature: -45 ~ 80 ¡ã C.
(4) Long life: battery (including battery pack systems) should have the same life with electric vehicles.
(5) Storage and shelving: Long-term storage has no performance attenuation, or no obvious self-discharge.
(6) Good safety and reliability.
(7) Low cost: about $ 50 ¡¤ kWh-1 (the comprehensive cost is preferably lower than the current gasoline price).
(8) Environmentally friendly (involving issues such as resource regeneration and environmental protection).

In fact, there is a fairly gap in the development status of the dynamic storage battery and the above objectives. Since the performance and price of traditional batteries have not met the requirements of electric vehicles practical, the key to electric vehicles research and development and promotion applications are still in high performance pri 


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