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Detailed detailed four ways of battery-discriminating battery electrodes

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Detailed detailed four ways of battery-discriminating battery electrodes1. Depending on the characteristics of battery electrode design
Generally commonly used battery bottles are designed in production. Its battery pile is a positive electrode. On the other end, it is a negative electrode, which can identify the color of the battery pile column, where the positive electrode pile column appears dark brown, and the negative electrode appears deep gray. The positive and negative symbols of some other batteries show the English letters, that is, P indicates the positive electrode, N indicates that it is negative electrode, which can not make mistakes when the overhaul is charged.
2. Choose the quantity of the multimeter voltage
You can use the multimetric dial to the DC gear, and the two tables are directly connected to the electrode of the electric storage bottle. When the battery exhibits the normal voltage value, it is proved that the electrodes touched by the red-tone pen pen are the electrode positive electrode. And the black table pen is negative electrode. Sometimes the battery has no normal voltage, the weak amount of the battery can be discriminated. When the two table brings touch the battery electrodes, the gauge needle is slightly shaken to the right, that is, the red pen is the battery positive electrode. The black table pen is a negative electrode. However, if the multimeter pointer is hosted to the left (the needle needle), the negative electrode of the red pen is derived to the battery.
3. Select the wire short circuit to identify
The two copper core power cords are separated from the old battery electrodes to be determined, and then poured the normal equipment (concentrated brine) into a glass cup and put the power cord to the tea cup, and The respective shelves are put on the edge of the glass cup (the two-wire cannot touch in the cup), then investigate the bubbling condition of the respective leads in the electrolyte, if a wave of wire bubbles are significant and more Multiple. Then clarifying one end of the power cord adapter battery as a negative electrode, and there is a small bubble and no significant end is the positive electrode of the battery.
4. Determination of rectifier diode

The rectifier diode in the power supply regulator has a unidirectional conductive function to find a rectifier diode. A 40W incandescent lamp. Then press a pile column → diode + terminal → diode – end → incandescent lamp → the other pilot of the battery is connected to the sequence of the battery, and the incandescent lamp in the circuit is demonstrated. The diode pole is connected to the battery pile column as the positive electrode of the battery, and the other end is the negative electrode of the battery.

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