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Development prospects for valve-controlled batteries

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Development prospects for valve-controlled batteries       General lead-acid battery invents L859, with a lot of improvements from the application value, reliable supply, reliable life, high-magnification discharge. However, there are two problems in general lead-acid batteries that are not easy to solve: First, the water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen gas, so during use. The distilled water is often added to the battery; the second is too much electrolyte, there is a possibility of leakage, and the gas carry the acid mist and the gas of the human body is carried out. The valve-controlled battery developed in recent years is a new technique of gas re-cooperation. It has reincarnation in the battery, so that the gas in the charging is not out, so the storage battery does not add distilled water, which greatly reduces the maintenance work, people often For maintenance-free batteries.

       my country’s valve-controlled battery development begins in the late 1980s, and has nearly 100 manufacturing facilities in the manufacturing facility, and the quality of most manufacturing products is basically in line with national and industry-related standards, and the reliability of the power system DC power supply A good role. A part of the battery factory introduced production technology and partial manufacturing equipment by Germany, the United States, Japan, Spain; another part of the battery factory adopts domestic equipment and new technologies, and the valve-controlled battery capacity produced is 100 ~ 3000ah. Currently, the small and medium-sized power plants and 220kV and the following shifts have been widely adopted by valve-controlled batteries. In recent years, 500kV substation and 300MW and above have gradually increased. From the operation, the valve-controlled battery performance is stable, reliable, and the maintenance work is small, which is welcomed by design and operators. However, the valve-controlled battery is more sensitive to the temperature, not allowing serious overcharge and inclusion of electricity, which is stricter than the charge and discharge requirements, and requires a good performance of a charging device.

       At present, high-frequency open-critical charging devices widely used at home and abroad, its output DC ripple coefficient is small (0.05% ~ 0.1%), high voltage regulatory and steady accuracy (0.2% ~ 0.5%) And automatically charge and discharge the valve control according to the specified procedure, basically meet the requirements of the valve-controlled battery. 


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