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Difference between power frequency and high-frequency forklift charger

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Difference between power frequency and high-frequency forklift chargerFirst, the difference between high frequency and power frequency forklift charger
The power frequency forklift charger power device works in linear state, that is, he uses the power device that has been working, so he has low work efficiency, usually 50% ~ 60%, but also say he is very Good linear power supply. The linear power is modeled, so that he must have a pressing device from the high pressure to low pressure, which is generally a transformer, and there is another image of the KX power supply, and then the direct current output DC voltage. In this way, his volume is very large, cumbersome, low efficiency, and high heat generation. He also has his advantages: small ripple, good adjustment rate, small interference. Suitable for use with analog circuits, all kinds of amplifiers, and the like.
High-frequency forklift charger, his power devices work in switching status, (one turn off, one opening, frequency is very fast, the general flat switch power supply frequency is 100 ~ 200kHz, module power supply is 300 ~ 500kHz). His loss is small, the efficiency is also high, and the transformer also has a requirement to do with high magnetic conductivity. There is a bit ink, his transformer is a small word. The efficiency is 80% ~ 90%. It is said that the best Vicor module in the United States is as high as 99%. The switching power supply is high in terms of high volume, but the linear power supply is higher than his ripple, voltage The current adjustment rate is discounted.
Second, the use of power
Common power supplies use a linear power supply of a power frequency transformer (iron core, 50 Hz) and two categories: using high-frequency transformer (magnetic core, thousands Hz).

The principle of the switching power supply is to convert the AC electrical electrical electrical electrical current of the power frequency (50 Hz) into a high frequency current, and then the high-frequency transformer becomes low pressure and outputs low pressure DC. Since the high-frequency transformer volume of the same power is much smaller than the computer, the smaller the volume, the size is small, so it can be done, the size is small, the weight is light, and thus is widely adopted. His regulation is mainly achieved by controlling the oscillating frequency, and because of this, if the switching power supply is not good in shielding, if it is used to charge the interference of the harmonic, it will lose voltage regulatory performance, resulting in voltage fluctuations. Or due to its high frequency interference makes the frequency distortion. At the same time, if the switching power supply is not good, once a fault occurs, its voltage may suddenly rise a lot and burn the battery. Therefore, the linear power supply should be a certain development space.

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