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Difference of car boot battery and electric vehicle power battery

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Difference of car boot battery and electric vehicle power batteryThe core technology of the electric vehicle is a battery, motor, and electronically control, followed by something such as chassis technology on traditional cars. The core problem of the electric vehicle is on the battery. For electric vehicles, the ideal battery should have enough energy density, there is sufficient power density, energy supplement speed is fast, and the average cost is cheap. Many friends don’t know the difference between the car to start the battery and the power storage battery. The first use is different. The start-type battery is applied to the automobile start, the electric vehicle lead-acid power battery is applied to electric vehicle continuous; then the battery polar plate material, discharge time The electrolyte concentration is different, the following is a detailed introduction of the battery and power battery differences, let’s take a look.

First, the use field is different
1. The boot type battery is applied to the automotive start, the instantaneous current discharge capacity is strong, and the battery life is weak, which is a rich liquid-based battery.

Representing Model: 6-QW-60 (550)

6-QW-60 (550) is the model of the car start battery, 6 refers to the number of cells, 2V, 6 Grid 12V; Q activated battery, W free maintenance battery; 60 is rated capacity 60A / h The 550 is a -18 ¡ã C start current 550a.

2, the lead-acid power battery for electric vehicles, applied to electric vehicle return, strong deep discharge capacity, weak large current discharge, belongs to a poor battery.

Representative model: 6-DZM-12

6-DZM-12 is the model of the electric vehicle battery, 6 refers to the number of cells, 2V per grid, 6 Grid 12V; DZM refers to electric power, power-free maintenance storage battery, take electricity, help, free The first pinyin letter; 12 is that the rated capacity is 12 security.

Starting the battery is generally rich. The power battery is generally orthodontic. The working nature of the start-up battery is the large current discharge, large to 400-500A, and the power battery is small current discharge, large only 30A. Starting the battery is not difficult, just the discharge current is large, and the polar is softened.

The main feature of the startup battery is a very plate thin, the number of pieces, which is a 20-hour discharge rate. The stroke battery is also a power battery, as mainly driving, polar thick, suitable for current batteries, generally 3 or 5 hours of discharge rate. It should be a lead-acid battery.

Second, the battery polar plate is different
The power battery plate is mostly lead calcium alloy, and there is more lead storage alloy.

Third, the discharge time is different
The power battery can be discharged for a few hours, and the depth of discharge is very deep. Starting the battery discharge time is very short, but the instantaneous current discharge capacity is strong, and there is a lot of discharge current, hundreds of amps.

Fourth, the electrolyte concentration is different
In order to run, many people increase the power battery electrolyte concentration to 1.31, in fact, such a battery is very vulcanized to make the plates lose activity. The electrolyte standard concentration of the starting battery is 1.28, which can obtain a large discharge current at this concentration, so that the car is easy to start.

V. Battery capacity
In the case of new batteries, the battery capacity is tested with the discharge device. The general power battery has a capacity of about 1000-1500 mAh; and the capacity of the ordinary battery is more than 2000mAh, and some can go to 3400 mAh.

6. Different discharge power
A 4200mAh power battery can put the amount of power in just a few minutes, but the normal battery is completely unable, so the discharge capacity of the ordinary battery is completely unable to compare with the power battery. The maximum difference between the power battery and the ordinary battery is that the discharge power is large, the energy is higher. Since the main use of the power battery is supplied to the vehicle energy supply, there is a higher discharge power than the normal battery 


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