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Electric car battery maintains five tips

Electric car battery maintains five tipsThe battery of the electric vehicle can be said to be the weight, but many people don't get angry, but they will complain that their electric vehicles are not easy to use, in fact, according to the survey data, 70 percent user batteries Not natural losses, but people, the main reason is because of improper maintenance skills, causing the battery to lose early, then what techniques have electric vehicle battery maintenance? Here are a few techniques to explain in detail, I hope to help with friends who love the electric car battery.

Tips, charge each after use

This approach may be unhappy for most people, because the old is to charge the trouble, in fact, this can ensure that the battery does not excessively discharge, protect the active substance in the battery is not overdone.

After the tricks, after five to fifteen, you have to make a thorough discharge

People who use tips are also worried that their battery capacity is not good, and for this, it is very simple to solve, that is, a thorough discharge charging. Of course, there is no need to frequently, but frequently, the battery is not good. As long as you use it five to fifteen times, after a thorough discharge of the battery, it is full, the user will find that the battery capacity is slowly improved.

Third, once the battery is used, it cannot be used

Many users have encountered such a situation, the battery forgets to charge, the result is completely dead during use, so it will take the method of slowly return to the reuse. In this regard, the battery manufacturer suggests that it is best not to use this way. Because this is very much impact on the life of the battery. Under normal circumstances, ordinary batteries have one year to two years of life, and if this approach is often used, it can be used up to one year.

Skills four, less brakes change less, no start

If the brakes are often braked and often changed frequently, the battery life will be greatly affected, so the user should pay attention to that if there is no requirement for the battery life, then you can don't care about this problem.

Skills five, the winter is best charged after 30 minutes

The temperature in winter is low, the indoor outdoor temperature difference is large, and this temperature difference will damage the insulation of the surface of the battery, so we want to charge the battery, it is recommended to carry out the room for 30 minutes.

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