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Electric forklift battery charging process

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Electric forklift battery charging process1. Check before charging: Whether the battery is intact, whether the wiring is intact, and open the air cover.

Do not open or dial the liquid plug on the battery

Do not add liquid before charging or charging

Smoking is strictly prohibited near the battery, generating sparks or open flames

When charging, the battery cannot discharge at the same time.

Do not put the metal tool on the battery when charging

Do not repair battery when charging

When charging is charged, the electrolyte temperature is below 55 ¡ã C.

2, if the new battery is cooled to the electrolyte of 1.26 to 30 ¡ã C, the battery is injected into the battery, and the injection amount is higher than the protective plate 10 to 20 mm, waiting for 6 hours, the liquid temperature dropped below 35 ¡ã C. Start charging. The electrolyte specific gravity is 10 ¡ã C, and the different temperature should be converted according to the following formula: D30 ¡ã C = DT + 0.007 (T-30 ¡ã C)


4, when the battery is charged to saturation, the voltage and electrolyte is basically not rising within 2 to 3 hours, and a large amount of air bubbles, the electrolyte is more than 1.26, and the single voltage is 2.4V.

5. When the single voltage dropped to 1.7V, the voltage meter voltage 41V (driving load), the electrolysis specific gravity decreases to 1.18, should be charged in time.

6. When charging battery charging, the electrolyte specific gravity is 1.26 with distilled water or a specific gravity of 1.4, and the electrolyte specific gravity is 1.26 and maintains a sufficient height. Battery charging start ends should be recorded for voltage electrolyte. Record will help the maintenance and protection analysis of the battery.

7. Do not near the fire and heat sources. After the charging is completed, the gas cover is covered, and the electrolyte is wiped out, keep the joint clean and dry, and apply Vaseline. Battery flushing must be carried out outside the car.

8. The battery charging environment must be well ventilated. Especially with the car is charged around the air. The battery charger has a good ventilation device, and the temperature is not higher than 40 ¡ã C, and the air flow can be calculated to avoid the accumulation of hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas during battery charging. The following formula can be calculated: q = 0.05 ¡Á I ¡Á n (where Q : Air flow, I: Charging the final charging current, N: Battery monomer), should ensure that the air flow between the charging is greater than the amount of air flow in the calculation formula.

9, the beginning of the battery, often charged data can be refer to the table below, (such as the battery belt manual, please follow the instructions)

Elementary charging often charge


Current (A) Time (H) Current (A) Time (H) Current (A) Time (H) Current (a) Time (H)

45 35-45 26 35-50 62 4-6 31 6-10

The charging time of the first phase I can be grasped by charging characteristics. When the battery voltage rises above 2.4V, it can be changed to the stage  


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