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Electric forklift battery “dry water” repair method

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Electric forklift battery The forklift battery is most afraid of “dry water”. This is a lead-acid battery fatal “hardenal”, so that the addition of distilled water is necessary to use the forklift battery to maintain maintenance. If the deficiencies, the water level is lower than the normal position, you must immediately Supplement, otherwise the loss is unrecivalent, but the forklift battery after dry water has a certain fix method, although there is no way to achieve the same as the new battery, but can continue to use, this depends on the progress of repairing the battery, hereinafter simply said Next repair method:

Electric forklift battery “dry water” repair method

1. When the battery is added to the supplement, the discharge is charged, discharged to the monomer voltage of 1.2V to 1.7V, and should not be less than 1V to avoid the reverse electrode.
2. Pour all the liquid and add the replenishing liquid again.
3, then continue charging, charge the attack with a small current of 0.05c, charge for about 2 hours.
4, then charge with 0.27c, charge for about 20 hours.
5, then the battery is discharged to 1.7V to 1.8V, and the discharge current is 0.15c to 0.27c.
6, then normal charging, the liquid density is detected after the charge, and the density is assigned to 1.28.
7, adjust the balance charging, consistency the voltage, density charging

Battery truck battery “dry water” simple repair method

1. After adding the battery to the supplement, charging, circulating liquid, charging, use, 4 to 5 cycles, allowing the plate to sufficiently absorb liquid.
2, the charger is designed with sulfur charging, observe the liquid density, charge density to 1.2 to 1.27 normal phenomenon.

3. Putting the battery discharge, then desulfurization charging, the last gas, the liquid density adjustment is consistent.

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