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Electric forklift battery work area should be reasonable planning

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Electric forklift battery work area should be reasonable planningWhen building a large storage time, a region is left in a region, and the loading and unloading goods are mainly used for forklifts, and the forklifts play different important roles in different industries. The forklift battery is an important part of the forklift. Therefore, the forklift battery workspace should be reasonable planning, and the Bellers battery introduces:

1. The line problem is critical;
2. To divide your area, which places are discharge bottles, chargers, which are operating areas, clear, make a custom map, paint online, require, easy to operate, neat and beautiful;
3. Requires the process of maintaining, cleaning and maintenance, and replacing the battery, making operational procedures, hanging up, making people feel clear, reminding themselves;
4. The battery surface or connection is necessary to keep it clean. If there is dust, debris or the like to clean clean, otherwise it is easy to leak.
5. Number of all charger and cells, record each charging process, charger number, battery number, time, operator, charging voltage, current, battery front, replacement forklift number, made Book; in order to check the problem, verify it, do a good job of work results!
Belomb Power Mall is a pioneering comprehensive platform based on electric forklift accessories. It has solved a big problem for users to replace the forklift battery pack. It is tedied by the traditional size, take a photo, model, capacity ratio, etc. It can be a bit, let the user buy relieved and comfortable. 


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